Stop the guesswork, Tropee digs into your data to tell you how you’re performing, what’s broken, and how to win the Shopify game.

The shortcut to Shopify success.

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"Tropee allows us to quickly understand what's going on with our business, and what needs to be done in order to drive more revenue."

Davide Farhi
Founder & CEO of Edenn

Data sucked for years — we fixed it. Tropee cuts through the noise and uncovers the insights you need to make profitable decisions.

Easy setup

Connect your tools in one click, get your first insights in seconds, and start growing your business in minutes.


Created for people who don't like data, Tropee translates your ecommerce data into meaningful insights - quickly and simply.

Save time

Understand at a glance what's happening, how you compare to industry standards & what needs to be done to grow faster.

No more bullsh*t data.

Tropee organizes your insights so you know what is happening with your business, why it matters, and how to grow better.


Tropee ranks all your insights in a visual dashboard & pushes the most impactful ones to the top of your priority list.

Get inspired

Every week, discover new growth opportunities custom-made for you to optimize every part of your Shopify store.

Move forward

Keep track of what’s most important, share your insights with the right people & make every opportunity a success, with your to-do list.

Your to-do list, for growth.

Data is useless unless you know what to do about it — that's why your insights are provided by the best experts in the game.

Quick progress

Save hundreds of hours of "trying" and focus on the "doing". Progress faster thanks to the years of experience of our experts.

By your side

Available 24/7, our experts are here to guide you and make sure you are on the path to success. You're not alone!

Stay relevant

Get a fresh pair of eyes on your business to better challenge your teammates, your agencies & your freelances.

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